‘You can’t just be present in one medium, and expect to reach an audience.


IEBB Media is a new jack millennium media company presently comprised of the A. Renee' West, Columnist – talking current events, sports, and life -, ITsBTV, a ‘Bold, Bodacious, Bringing It’ Internet and Video Live Stream Station streaming news/interviews/events/programs/meetings/occasions & more, and More4LessShoppes, where advertisers and people with products can showcase their wares to the IEBB Media audience.


By advertising with IEBB Media, you will ‘be advertised’ not only throughout these web sites, but also in the e-letter, which goes out twice a week, and on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.


How it works …

* There’s no money up front.  This is a hard economy, we know money is tight.


* So we make a profit share contract.  For every sale, we agree to split the revenue in a certain amount.  It differs depending on the product, potential sales, your costs, whether you have an ad, need a site page, etc.  We’re not here to gouge you.  We want you to do well, because when you do well, we do well.


* You give us 2 ads, ready to go into a web site.  One, at least 125x125px.  The other 250x250px.  If you don’t have an ad, just pictures of your product, we’ll help you come up with an ad.  Yes, you can keep your ad.

The ads will link to your web site or any web page selling your product.

Don’t have a web site, we can provide you a page in the More4LessShoppes where you can display your products AND offer sales by Paypal.


* How often your ad(s) are displayed, included in the e-letter, how often you’re mentioned on the SOM’s is totally our discretion, but it’s in our best interest to mention you, as it’s in your best interest to mention us.


If you’re interested, have questions, contact or send a fax to 888-448-3380.